Register of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (as of 22 April 2024)


WG 1. Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance, and Stability

  1. All-Ukrainian Charitable NGO “Tochka opory”
  2. All-Ukrainian NGO “Magnolia”
  3. Association of Women of Ukraine “Action (“Diya”)
  4. Bureau of gender strategy and budgeting
  5. Bureau of Social and Political Developments
  6. CCC Creative Centre
  7. Center for Civil Liberties
  8. Center for International Security and Strategic Studies (CISSS)
  9. Centre “Dobrochyn”
  10. Centre for European and Transatlantic Studies
  11. Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”
  12. Centre for Political and Legal Reforms (CPLR)
  13. Chernihiv Regional Non-Governmental Organization “Chernihiv Centre for Human Rights”
  14. CHESNO Movement
  15. Civic Initiative “Europe without Barriers”
  16. DEJURE Foundation
  17. Donetsk oblast NGO “People’s Control”
  18. East European Security Research Initiative Foundation
  19. Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”
  20. Human Rights Center “Tree of Life”
  21. Human Rights Vector NGO
  22. Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiative Foundation
  23. Information and Analytical Center ‘Civic Space’ (‘Hromadskyi Prostir’)
  24. Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
  25. Institute of Innovative Governance
  26. International Centre for Policy Studies
  27. International Charity Fund “Indifferent”
  28. Internews Ukraine
  29. Kremenchuk Anti-Corruption Centre
  30. Labor and Health Social Initiatives
  31. Laboratory/Agency of Legislative Initiatives
  32. Lviv Stavropihiyske Bratstvo
  33. New Europe Centre
  34. NGO “Centre of Strategic Partnership”
  35. NGO “Detector media”
  36. NGO Divergent Woman
  37. NGO “European Movement Ukraine”
  38. NGO “Human Rights”
  39. NGO “Life Anew”
  40. NGO “Quadrivium”
  41. NGO “Ukraine-2050”
  42. NGO “All-Ukrainian Democratic Action”
  43. Open Policy Foundation
  44. Open Society Foundation, NGO
  45. Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation
  46. Public holding “GROUP OF INFLUENCE”
  47. Public organization Women’s Perspectives
  48. Public Union ‘Local Democracy Agency of Dnipropetrovsk region’
  49. Pylyp Orlyk Institute for Democracy
  50. Siverian Institute of Regional Studies
  51. The Academy for Strategic Studies
  52. The Kyiv School of Equal Opportunities (KSEO)
  53. Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research
  54. Vinnytsia Regional Branch of the International Public Organization “Ukraine-Poland-Germany”
  55. Vynnytsia NGO “Informational and educational center “VIS”
  56. Women Anticorruption Movement
  57. Women’s Consortium of Ukraine
  58. Zakarpatska Professional Women-Educators Association “Perspektyva”


WG 2. Economic Integration and Coherence with EU Policy

  1. Anticorruption NGO “Maidan Zakhid”
  2. Center for cross-border cooperation
  3. Centre for Economic Strategy
  4. Civic Union “Local Economic Development Agency of Yavoriv region”
  5. Civic Union “The Centre for Innovations Development”
  6. Community Center “Business Initiatives”
  7. Council of Young Scientists
  8. European Business Association
  9. Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
  10. NGO “Agency for Sustainable Development “ASTAR”
  11. NGO “Analisys centre of the Agrarian Union of Ukraine”
  12. NGO “Energy Country”
  13. NGO “National Association of Agricultural Advisory Services of Ukraine”
  14. NGO “Association of Farmers and Private Land Owners of Kharkiv Oblast”
  15. NGO “Easy Business”
  16. NGO “Ukrainian Evaluation Association”
  17. Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies
  18. Public Union “All-Ukrainian Consumer Federation “PULSE”
  19. Regional Center of the European Integration Projects
  20. The Institute of Regional Development
  21. Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA)
  22. Vinnytsya Oblast NGO “Union of Entrepreneurs” STINA”
  23. Womens Association of Ukraine “Action – Rivne”


WG 3. Environment, Climate Change, and Energy Security

  1. Analytical Center «Expert-group»
  2. Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development
  3. Charitable Organization “Interecocentre”
  4. Charity Fund «Future of the children is our common goal» (CF FCCG)
  5. DiXi Group
  6. Ecological Club “Kray”
  7. Ecological Group “Pechenigy”
  8. Environment-People-Law (EPL)
  9. European-Ukrainian Energy Agency
  10. Good Deeds
  11. International Charitable Organization “Information center “Green Dossier”
  12. Kherson Oblast NGO «Regional Council of Entrepreneurs»
  13. Kryvyi Rih Human Rights Union
  14. Kyiv Cyclists’ Association
  15. National Ecological Centre of Ukraine
  16. NGO “Agricola”
  17. NGO “Ecoclub”
  18. NGO “The Centre of Tourism Development and Maintanance of Ecology “Save the World”
  19. NGO «Nova Energiya»
  20. Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”


WG 4. Contacts between People

  1. Association of United Arts
  2. Centre for Cultural Management
  3. Centre of Youth Democratic Development «Synergy»
  4. Civic Union «All-Ukrainian Union Educators and Scientists»
  5. Crimean Projection and Educational Platform Q-HUB
  6. European Choice
  7. European Youth of Ukraine
  8. Institute of Socio-Cultural Management
  9. International NGO “Reformation”
  10. Kremenchuk Informative-Elucidative Centre European Club
  11. National Youth Council of Ukraine
  12. NGO “Development center Pangeya Ultima”
  13. NGO “Institute of public strategies”
  14. NGO Agency of European Innovations
  15. NGO “League of Professional Women” (LPW)
  16. NGO ME and MY SCHOOL
  17. NGO Youth Alternative
  18. Partnership for Every Child
  19. Philosophy of the Heart NGO
  20. Public Organization “EdCamp Ukraine”
  21. Ukrainian Student Association
  22. Vinnytsia Regional Centre for Information “Kreativ
  23. Women’s Charity Organisation “Our vision”
  24. Youth organization STAN

WG 5. Social and Labor Policy and Social Dialogue

  1. Academy for monitoring and expertise
  2. All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union Zahist Pratzi (“Labour Defense”)
  3. All-Ukrainian NGO «First All-Ukrainian Agricultural Advisory Service»
  4. All-Ukrainian Trade Union “Stolytsia-Regiony” (“Capital-Regions”)
  5. Association of Trade Unions “All-Ukrainian Trade Union Allience of Ukraine”
  6. Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU)
  7. Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers Union of Ukraine
  8. Federation of Trade Unions of Small and Medium Enterprise of Ukraine
  9. Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine
  10. Kharikiv regional organisation of entrepreneurs’ professional union
  11. Kharkiv City Organization of the Academy of Cultural Heritage of the Ukrainian Cossacks
  12. Kharkiv City Organization of the Trade Union of Entrepreners
  13. Kyiv Institute of Gender Studies – KIGS
  14. NGO “Centre of Social Leadership”
  15. NGO “Institute for Political, Social and Economic Studies”
  16. NGO «Center for Social Security and Regional Initiatives»
  17. NGO “Ukrainian Center for Social Reforms”
  18. Territorial Trade Union Association of the National Trade Union Forum of Ukraine in Zapirizhzhia oblast
  19. Trade Union “Our Right”
  20. Trade Union of Defence Industry Workers of Ukraine
  21. Trade Union of Forestry Workers of Ukraine
  22. Trade Union of Free Businessmen of Ukraine
  23. Trade Union of Workers of SMEs and staff “Yednannia” in Dnipropetrovska oblast
  24. Trade Union of Workers of Youth Housing Complexes and Committees of Local Self-Administration of Ukraine
  25. Ukrainian Federation of Employers in Tourism
  26. Ukrainian Trade Union of Workers in Tourism, Spa areas and Hotel Industry
  27. Union of Leaseholders and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine



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