Every two years, EaP CSF launches a call for delegates, to which organisations from the six EaP countries and European member states are invited to apply. Throughout their mandate, selected delegates attend yearly working-group meetings and two annual assemblies, jointly advocate, expand their network and a lot more.

List of selected EaP CSF delegates 2020 – 2021 from Ukraine (Extended Mandate):

  1. International Renaissance Foundation, WG1 (Shulga Dmytro)
  2. NGO Open Society Foundation, WG1 (Shevchenko Lesia)
  3. Centre for Global Studies Strategy-XXI, WG1 (Stukalenko Igor)
  4. Internews Ukraine, WG1 (Kulakov Andriy)
  5. NGO Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation, WG1 (Shelest Hanna)
  6. DEJURE Foundation, WG1 (Zhernakov Mykhailo)
  7. Women Consortium of Ukraine, WG1 (Savelieva Yulia)
  8. League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine, WG2 (Klym Maryna)
  9. Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies, WG2 (Koriavets Maksym)
  10. Local economic development Agency of Yavoriv district, WG2 (Kuropas Iryna)
  11. Center for cross-border cooperation, WG2 (Vdovenko Yurii)
  12. European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, WG3 (Prinus Dmytro)
  13. National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, WG3 (Havryliuk Ruslan)
  14. Environment – People – Law, WG3 (Kravchenko Olena)
  15. DiXi Group, WG3 (Pavlenko Olena)
  16. Europe without Barriers, WG4 (Sushko Iryna)
  17. NGO Agency of European Innovations, WG4 (Kulchytskyy Ivan)
  18. Women’s charity organization “Our vision”, WG4 (Polivchak Oksana)
  19. Youth organization “STAN”, WG4 (Minkin Yaroslav)
  20. Ukrainian Trade Union of Workers in Tourism, Spa areas and Hotel Industry, WG5 (Vnuchko Svitlana)

The list of delegates for the cycle 2020-2021 is now available here.