Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum


The Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is a network of more than 140 non-governmental organizations in Ukraine that defends Ukrainian interests within the framework of the Eastern Partnership. The platform is part of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

Our activity

Current projects

We support the projects of UNP member organizations to strengthen the needs of civil society in Ukraine in the framework of the Eastern Partnership initiative.


We promote public discussions with experts and stakeholders and raise public awareness of the Eastern Partnership region


We propose changes to the legislation of Ukraine, support the ideas of the rule of law, security and human rights in the Eastern Partnership countries

UNP documents

We ensure the participation of Ukrainian civil society in the process of planning, monitoring and implementing the Eastern Partnership policy


We provide expert analysis and recommendations on various topics for decision makers in Ukraine, the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU


We are open to dialogue with civil society and provide information on the activities of UNPs and working groups, on the results and changes achieved.


UNP Newsletter (February – April 2022)

The next UNP newsletter has been published (February - April 2022). The UNP Steering Committee appealed to the EaP CSF members regarding the war in Ukraine.UNP member organizations provide humanitarian assistance and supportUNP member organizations collect and analyze...

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