The online discussion “Instruments of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum to achieve the strategic goals of the Ukrainian National Platform-2” was held on June 7, 2024.

The program of the event included the following items:
a) acquaintance with the delegates of the Forum for the period 2024-2026
b) discussion of opportunities and benefits of delegation. Formation of common key messages to be disseminated and conveyed to European stakeholders who will participate in the Assembly;
c) determination of priority panels of the Assembly, on which these messages should be voiced;
d) determining the possibility and ways of supporting the priorities of the UNP by other national platforms of the Forum.
e) experience from Forum delegates M. Koryavets, I. Kulchytskyi.

The event was aimed at coordinating the efforts of the newly elected Forum delegates before the meetings of the working groups of the Forum, which will take place in the second half of June in an online format, with the aim of effectively using the opportunities and tools of the Forum to achieve the new strategic goals of the UNP.

The event was attended by Forum delegates from Ukraine, active members of the Platform, representatives of the expert environment, potential participants of the Platform, etc.

The UNP is working on the implementation of a new ambitious strategic plan of the Platform for 2024-2026, as well as an advocacy strategy for the same period. Taking into account the current priorities of the Platform in the activities of the Forum, in particular its renewed working groups, which are starting their work, will contribute to the achievement of the goals of the UNP, in particular through communication tools with EU officials, the dissemination of the Platform’s analytics and the advocacy of the necessary changes in terms of strengthening Ukraine’s integration into the EU, transformations of the EaP Policy, etc.

During the discussion, the main attention was paid to current challenges in the field of European integration of Ukraine. Issues of implementation of the Ukraine Facility plan, Ukraine’s fulfillment of political obligations within the framework of the EU membership process, prospects for adopting the negotiating framework and opening negotiations on EU membership in June this year, progress in Ukraine’s compliance with the membership criteria, as well as EaP policy transformation priorities were discussed. The EaP policy, which should be fundamentally changed, should correspond to the current realities of the direction of Ukraine, as well as Moldova and Georgia, towards EU membership.

The participants of the discussion emphasized that the EaP policy should correspond to the ambitions of the countries of the region, which received a European perspective and in respect of which a decision was made to start membership negotiations.

European projects of technical assistance to EaP countries should become more open and involve the public sector more closely, and public participation should become a mandatory and integral component in future projects to restore Ukraine.

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum should raise specific pressing issues for society, which in particular are reported by the UNP, ensure their discussion at the highest European level, organize and hold the necessary thematic meetings and panels, etc. The participants of the discussion agreed that such proposals will be prepared both for discussion within the Assembly and for the work plan of the Forum Working Groups for the next year. And the most urgent of them should be covered in the resolution of the Assembly.

The speeches of Maksym Koryavets and Ivan Kulchytsky (UNP members), who shared the experience, opportunities and challenges of the Forum delegates, were very valuable for the participants.

The information was provided by Iryna Kuropas, coordinator of WG2 of the UNP


Presentation UNP-Meeting_after_Delegates_selection_2024

Presentation Forum Delegate`s Status

The event is implemented within the framework of the project “”Supporting the activities of the Ukrainian National Platform of the EaP CSF in 2024”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.