We are glad to inform you that it has now been concluded and that the new delegates have been selected.

As a reminder, the initial call for applications was open from 8th February to 10th March 2024. In total, EaP CSF Secretariat received 478 valid applications, spread over the six EaP countries and the EU. In line with the Forum’s delegate selection criteria and following thematic and structural quotas, 155 organisations were selected as EaP CSF delegates for the 2024-2026 cycle.

For Ukraine, it was received 85 applications, out of which 20 were selected. Please see the final consolidated list of selected delegates for Ukraine.

  1. Bureau of social and political developments, WG1 (Rostyslav Dzundza)
  2. Centre for Global Studies Strategy-XXI, WG1 (Igor Stukalenko )
  3. NGO ‘Lviv Media Forum’, WG1 (Olga Myrovych)
  4. Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies named after Olexander Razumkov, WG1 (Olga Pyshchulina)
  5. Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research, WG1 (IuliiaTyshchenko)
  6. Analysis Centre of Agrarian Union of Ukraine, WG2 (Larysa Starikova)
  7. Local economic development Agency of Yavoriv district, WG2 (Iryna Kuropas)
  8. Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies, WG2 (Maksym Koriavets )
  9. Ukrainian Evaluation Association, WG2 (Olha Krasovska)
  10. DiXi Group, WG3 (Anton Antonenko)
  11. ICO Information Center “Green Dossier”, WG3 (Tamara Malkova)
  12. National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, WG3 (Ruslan Havryliuk)
  13. Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”, WG3 (Nataliya Andrusevych)
  14. National Ukrainian Youth Association, WG4 (Olena Podobied-Frankivska)
  15. NGO Agency of European Innovations, WG4 (Ivan Kulchytskyy)
  16. NGO “League of Professional Women”, WG4 (Olena Lazorenko)
  17. Youth organization “STAN”, WG4 (Yuliya Lyubych)
  18. Kharikiv regional Organisation of Entrepreneurs’ Professional Union, WG5 (Valerii Riepin)
  19. Ukrainian Federation of Employers in Tourism Sphere, WG5 (Tetiana Tymoshenko)
  20. Ukrainian Federation of Trade Unions of Workers in Small and Medium Enterprises, WG5 (Viacheslav Roi)

The delegates of the Forum for the 2024-2026 cycle were selected based on the votes of National Platforms, Working Group Coordinators and EU delegations in line with the selection criteria and structural and thematic quotas outlined in the infographics below.

Over the course of their 2-year mandate, chosen delegates become part of a select group of prominent civil society organisations engaged in the Eastern Partnership region. They gain exclusive access to the EaP CSF’s EaP Civil Society Summit, attended by over 300 participants among stakeholders, donors and civil society representatives.

For reference:

The Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (http://eap-csf.org.ua/) is a network of more than 150 non-governmental organizations in Ukraine that advocates Ukrainian interests within the framework of the Eastern Partnership. The platform is part of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF). The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is unique multi-layered regional civil society platform aimed at promoting European integration, facilitating reforms and democratic transformations in the six Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Serving as the civil society and people-to-people dimension of the Eastern Partnership, the EaP CSF strives to strengthen civil society in the region, boost pluralism in public discourse and policy making by promoting participatory democracy and fundamental freedoms. The EaP CSF is a non-partisan bona fide non-governmental organisation. 

The activity is implemented within the framework of the project “Support to the activities of the UNP EaP CSF in 2024”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.