UNP welcomes a new member of Working group 1 “Democracy, human rights, good governance, and stability” – the Center for Civil Liberties.

The Center for Civil Liberties has been actively working for the protection of human rights in Ukraine and the OSCE region for 15 years, and is a 2022 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

The establishment of human rights, democracy, and solidarity in Ukraine and the OSCE region for the affirmation of human dignity.

CCL is one of the leading actors in Ukraine, influencing the formation of public opinion and public policy, supporting the development of civic activism, and actively participating in international networks and solidarity actions to promote human rights in the OSCE region.

The Center became the first human rights organization in the world, which in 2014 sent its own mobile teams to document war crimes in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. To this day, the Center for Civil Liberties continues to do this in all regions where crimes are committed by russian troops.

The Center for Civil Liberties also launched the “legal Maidan barricade” during the Revolution of Dignity – the Euromaidan SOS initiative. The organization united several thousand people and during all three months of the protest defended the participants persecuted by the authorities in various regions of the country.

Another result of the Center’s work is the global action Save Oleg Sentsov, which united thousands of people from about 40 countries in demonstrations for the release of the illegally imprisoned Ukrainian director. In the end, Oleg Sentsov was released along with 34 other political prisoners.

The main priority of the Center for Civil Liberties is the restoration of justice for all victims of war crimes. In addition to punishing those guilty of atrocities, the russian federation should be expelled from the UN Security Council for systematic violations of the charter. Russia has not been punished for previous crimes (in Chechnya, Georgia, Moldova, Syria, Libya, Mali, in other countries), and this prompts it to commit new evil with new force around the world.

Human rights defenders of the Center for Civil Liberties are convinced that sustainable peace is impossible without justice.

We hope for fruitful further cooperation!

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Photo from the Center for Civil Liberties website