UNP Newsletter (January – March 2024) has been published:

  • We present thematic activity priorities and the Operational Plan of the UNP for 2024.
  • The UNP supported the Statement by the EaP CSF Steering Committee and EaP CSF National Platforms on the second anniversary of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine
  • Iryna Kosse, Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultations (WG2 UNP) attended the conference in Georgia “#InvigoratEU: how to reform EU enlargement policy in the new geopolitical phase”.
  • The UNP Steering Committee re-elected Maksym Koryavets as the Code of Ethical Conduct Advisor for the period 2024-2026 during the meeting held on February 16, 2024.
  • On February 16, 2024, the Steering Committee of the UNP FGS ShP held an online meeting, which was devoted to discussing the plans and priorities of the UNP for 2024.
  • We present the thematic priorities of activity and the Combined Operational Plan of the UNP Working Groups for 2024.
  • We present the report of the project “Supporting the activities of the UNP FGS ShPv 2021-2023” for the year 2023.

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UNP Newsletter (January – March 2024)


The newsletter is produced within the framework of the project “Support to the activities of the UNP EaP CSF in 2024”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.