On February 16, 2024, the Steering Committee of the UNP EaP CSF held an online meeting, which was devoted to discussing the plans and priorities of the UNP for 2024.

The following draft Agenda was proposed for consideration:

  • Plans and priorities of the UNP for 2024.
  • Opportunities in the “Support to the UNP 2024” project
  • delegates of the Forum, members of the UNP SC in 2024
  • Project Supervisory Board
  • The Code of Ethical Conduct Advisor
  • Attracting new members
  • Cooperation with other EaP CSF National Platforms in initiatives, cooperation with the CSP Administration

Plans and priorities of the UNP for 2024.

The members of the CC of the UNP presented the plans and priorities for their working groups for 2024. After discussion, it was decided that the cross-cutting topics for the working groups are:

(1) war/recovery (which we want to see green/digital/economically and socially just
(2) advocacy of Ukraine’s membership in the EU.

The UNP SC Members outlined the following strategic steps:

  • Advocacy for Ukraine’s EU membership;
  • Formulating proposals for the transformation of the Eastern Partnership policy;
  • Expanding synergy between CSOs to strengthen post-war reconstruction processes;
  • Strengthening UNP capacity.

The Platform’s priorities for 2024 are:

  1. Promoting European integration processes in Ukraine, including negotiations on Ukraine’s EU membership.
  2. Formation of the civil society’s position on the future of the Eastern Partnership for Ukraine and the region in the context of the opening of EU membership negotiations.
  3. Promoting the strengthening of international support for Ukraine in its confrontation with the aggressor.
  4. Expanding cooperation with civil society organisations, as well as the government, business and the expert community to rebuild Ukraine.
  5. Strengthening the capacity of civil society and uniting the efforts of pro-European CSOs around UNP.

Maryna Gutgarts, Secretary of the UNP, told about the possibilities of the “Support of the UNP 2024” project – what can be planned and what are the financial possibilities for 2024.

The members of the UNP SC decided that it is worth planning to hold the National Conference in October-November 2024 in an online format. It was also decided to hold an offline event in September-October in order to discuss the Platform’s vision for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and the future membership of Ukraine in the EU through the presentation of the main conclusions and recommendations made on the basis of the initiatives implemented by the Platform’s member organizations.

The members of the Steering Committee of the UNP discussed the round of election of the delegates of the Forum and the Steering Committee of the UNP for the period 2024-2026. It was decided that the coordinators of the WG of the UNP will activate the members of the groups to register and actively disseminate information.

The UNP Steering Committee re-elected Maksym Koryavets as the Code of Ethical Conduct Advisor for 2024-2026.

The event is implemented within the framework of the project “Support to the activities of the UNP EaP CSF in 2024”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.