We present you the UNP priorities and Operational Plan for Activities for 2024.

The priorities of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (UNP EaP CSF) for 2024 are determined taking into consideration the following documents of the Platform:

  • Articles of Association of UNP EaP CSF
  • Strategic Development Plan of UNP EaP CSF for 2024-2026
  • Advocacy Strategy of UNP EaP CSF for 2024-2026
  • EaP CSF Strategy for 2022-2030

UNP EaP CSF (hereinafter referred to as the Platform), as well as Ukrainian society in general, in the context of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, is making every effort to ensure Ukraine’s victory by promoting Ukraine’s European integration using civil society tools within the framework of the Eastern Partnership (hereinafter referred to as EaP) policy. The Platform is a network of more than 150 civil society organisations that advocates for the interests of Ukrainian society within the EaP initiative. The strategic goal of the Platform for 2024-2026 is to be a network of proactive civil society organisations (CSOs) that work together to promote post-war reconstruction and facilitate Ukraine’s EU membership. The Platform has also defined 4 strategic objectives for this period:

  • Advocacy for Ukraine’s EU membership;
  • Formulating proposals for the transformation of the Eastern Partnership policy;
  • Expanding synergy between CSOs to strengthen post-war reconstruction processes;
  • Strengthening UNP capacity.

The Platform’s priorities for 2024 are:

  1. Promoting European integration processes in Ukraine, including negotiations on Ukraine’s EU membership.
  2. Formation of the civil society’s position on the future of the Eastern Partnership for Ukraine and the region in the context of the opening of EU membership negotiations.
  3. Promoting the strengthening of international support for Ukraine in its confrontation with the aggressor.
  4. Expanding cooperation with civil society organisations, as well as the government, business and the expert community to rebuild Ukraine.
  5. Strengthening the capacity of civil society and uniting the efforts of pro-European CSOs around UNP.

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The UNP operational plan was prepared by Ruslan Havryliuk, National Coordinator UNP EaP CSF, and discussed with the UNP members.