On behalf of the Steering Committee of the Ukrainian Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership, we wish you a Happy New Year and Christmas.

We thank the Ukrainian Armed Forces, all our brave defenders who protect our freedom and dignity.
We thank you all members of the UNP, who do incredible things every day in their place.
We thank international donors, EaP CSF for their trust, help and support, thanks to which we have the opportunity to help and support others.
We develop civil society together and together we go to our great victory!!!

The winter solstice has passed. And this is the day when the world day begins to increase. Let it be for a second, a minute, but every day there will be more and more light. This day is a turning point, when everything negative, dark, dramatic reaches its peak and begins to clear – the light wins.
We wish you all peace, love, and joy.

Interesting projects and incredible partners.
Thank you for being with us. Thank you for your cooperation.