We present to your attention the thematic priorities of activity and the Combined Operational Plan of the UNP Working Groups for 2024.

Thematic Priorities for 2024

Working Group 1 “Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability”

Thematic Priorities for 2024

  • Monitoring the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement;
  • Cooperation and synchronisation of activities with the Ukrainian side of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform;
  • Fulfilling the conditions of the EU candidate country;
  • Responding to the challenges of war and protecting the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians.

Working subgroups within WG1:

1. Human rights (gender equality, protection of vulnerable groups, non-discrimination).
2. Freedom of speech, media and strategic communications (establishing effective channels of communication between the authorities and civil society in terms of form and content regarding the reform process within Ukraine and within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Policy, media, and combating propaganda).
3. Good governance and sectoral policies (civil service reform, including judicial reform, anti-corruption policy).
4. Safety and stability (conflict prevention, European security, regional security initiatives, migration issues, civil security).

Working Group 2: Economic integration and harmonization with EU policies

Thematic priorities of WG2 activities and relevant working subgroups in 2024:

– Regulatory environment and SME development

– Regional policy and cross-border cooperation

– Harmonization of digital markets

– Economic relations with the European Union and the Eastern Partnership region

– Economic mechanisms and impacts of the Green Deal

– Post-war economic recovery of Ukraine

Working Group 3 “Environment, climate change and energy security”

Priorities for Working Group 3 “Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security” for 2024

The priorities of WG3 for the next year are in line with Ukraine’s European integration priorities, aimed at advocacy, monitoring, expert support for the implementation of the Eastern Partnership policy, in particular in terms of its expected thematic priorities – energy and environment, and are in line with the current UNP Strategic Development Plan.

The thematic priorities of WP3, under which the above activities are planned to be implemented, are analysis, advocacy and monitoring of:

  • Green post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.
  • Assessment of the damage caused by the Russian war to the environment of Ukraine, its compensation through international institutions, and restoration of the damaged environment.
  • Developing a comprehensive agenda for environmental, climate and energy reforms in Ukraine’s EU candidate status, taking into account the European Green Deal, including institutional reform and environmental governance.
  • Restoration of Ukraine’s energy system based on the green transformation (in particular, the development of renewable energy sources).
  • Ukraine’s full participation in the European Green Deal, Ukraine’s transition to low-carbon development, and Ukraine’s participation in achieving climate neutrality of the European continent.
  • Implementation of the environmental and climate policy at the regional and local levels, including the greening of regional strategies in the context of decentralisation using the SEA tool.
  • Biodiversity conservation, implementation of the ecosystem approach, integrated water resources management.
  • Sustainable transport, environmentally friendly development of transport networks.

Working group 4 activity plan”Contacts between people”

Thematic Priorities for 2024

1) Advocacy and analysis of training and educational needs in the field of lifelong learning in the context of Ukraine’s EU membership, taking into account the current security challenges in the country. Establishing broader communication with civil society and educational organisations, especially in the context of challenges to the quality of education in secondary and higher school.
2) More active involvement of the group members in digitalisation processes in various spheres of economic and social activity, analysis of problems and challenges in the development of critical thinking and information resistance to disinformation. 
3) Establishing broader communication with the cultural communities of Ukraine, developing interdisciplinary approaches in the field of culture and creative industries, analysing the problems of digitalisation of the cultural sector. Development of intercultural dialogue between the regions of Ukraine, EaP and EU countries; 
4) Analysis and study of research on values and social trends of young people in Ukraine, the EaP region and the EU with the aim of cross-sectoral and cross-border cooperation around a clear formulation of youth challenges, focusing on youth adaptation to the challenges of the times and youth employment issues;
5) Advocacy for Ukraine’s integration into the European Education and Research Area, wider use of the opportunities of the Horizon Europe association and reform of Ukraine’s scientific, technical and innovation ecosystem; 
6) More active involvement of the group’s members in discussions of the plan for Ukraine’s recovery in the context of increasing the role of civil society in building Ukraine after the Victory. Particular emphasis should be placed on engaging young people (a new generation of civic activists) in the post-war reconstruction process. Development and implementation of non-formal education programmes for young people on cross-cutting deliverables and democratic values, encouraging activists to participate in decision-making, and providing comprehensive support for their humanitarian, social and innovative initiatives at the grassroots level with advocacy within the country and abroad
7) Involvement of the group members and EaP UNP in discussions and events on the role of civil society in Ukraine’s EU membership, preparation for negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU in the group’s thematic areas (science and research, education and culture).

Working subgroups within WG4:

  • Youth
  • Culture
  • Research and innovation
  • Education and training

Working Group 5 Activity Plan”Social and labor policy and social dialogue”

WG5 Priorities for 2024:

  • Implementation of Ukraine’s European integration and related commitments in the field of social and labour policy, including commitments on women’s rights and gender equality.
  • Expertise of new social and labour legislation in terms of ensuring labour and social rights of employees of various categories (short-term contracts, collective agreements, role and mandate of trade union committees, etc.).
  • Adoption of the Labour Code in line with fundamental ILO standards and EU directives.
  • Analysis of Ukraine’s “social” commitments, and development of the Social Code of Ukraine.
  • Labour market in times of war: research and monitoring.
  • Bringing the system of social dialogue in Ukraine in line with the changes in the labour market structure caused by the war.
  • Launching systematic activities to engage civil society organisations in dialogue relations.
  • Advocating for the participation of local government bodies (CSOs) as a party to social dialogue.
  • Strengthening the role of social partners (including in post-war recovery processes).
  • Participation of social partners in the procedures for developing and approving measures within the framework of the Recovery Plan of Ukraine (in accordance with the approved provisions in the EU Communiqué of 18 May 2022 “Assistance to Ukraine and Reconstruction”).
  • Involvement of social partners in the development and implementation of measures under the European Green Deal (EGD).


The operational plan was prepared by the UNP Working Groups coordinators and discussed with the UNP members.

National Coordinator – Ruslan Havrylyuk

WG1 coordinator – Rostyslav Dzundza
WG2 coordinator – Iryna Kuropas  
WG3 coordinator – Nataliya Andrusevych
WG4 coordinator – Ivan Kulchitsky
WG5 coordinator – Valery Repin

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