UNP Newsletter (September – November 2023) has been published:

  • A public online discussion “The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Tools to Achieve the Ukrainian National Platform Strategic Goals” was held.
  • On 01-03 November 2023, the Annual Conference of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum took place online.
  • The work of the Conference was opened by a public discussion “The European Green Deal and the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine: how to ensure energy and environmental security?”
  • UNP held an online webinar “How to Implement the M&E System in the Organisation and Its Peculiarities during Martial Law”. The webinar was hosted by NGO “Ukrainian Evaluation Association” (UNP WG2 members).
  • Ukrainian National Platform of EaP CSF, in partnership with the UNP WG2 and WG3 members held a discussion “What does the EU Integration Bring to Ukrainian Farmers – Opportunities or Risks?“
  • UNP held an online training “How to get used to the European political kitchen and be heard in Brussels: the experience of practitioners.”
  • UNP held an online training “Between Emotions and Substance: Peculiarities of NGO Communication in Brussels in Wartime”. The webinar was conducted by the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”.
  • UNP held a webinar “Algorithm for Building Synergy and Capacity of CSOs”.
  • UNP and NGO “Centre for Social Security and Regional Initiatives” (UNP WG5 members) held in Kharkiv a roundtable discussion on social dialogue, the idea of which was developed in post-war European countries. 

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UNP Newsletter (September – November 2023)


The newsletter is produced within the Project “Support UNP EaP CSF Activities in 2021–2023”, implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting with the financial support of the European Union