On October 10, 2023, the Ukrainian national platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum held an online webinar “Between Emotions and Substance: Peculiarities of NGO Communication in Brussels in Wartime”.

The webinar was conducted by the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”.

Ukrainian NGOs are not new to Brussels. Participation in the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and the Ukrainian Civil Society Platform allowed Ukrainian civil society activists to feel involved in agenda-setting between Kyiv and Brussels. At the same time, Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine has significantly transformed the direction and scope of Ukraine’s work with its European partners. The thematic focus of wartime diplomacy covers new areas that were not previously needed. For example, Ukraine’s reconstruction, the creation of a special tribunal, sanctions, etc. However, logistics has become more complicated and restrictions have been imposed on certain categories of Ukrainian citizens travelling abroad.

All of this prompts us to reconsider the traditional ways of communicating and advocating NGO products, and to ensure that we are always focused on Ukraine’s needs. The webinar is dedicated to these issues.

Trainers: Hennadii Maksak, Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” and Olha Chyzhova, Head of the Brussels Office of the “Ukrainian Prism”.



The event is implemented within the framework of the project “Support to the activities of the UNP EaP CSF in 2021-2023”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.