Natalia Peretiatko, Project Manager at NGO “NOVA Energia” (UNP WG3 member) participated in the event “Case Study on Local Development in Armenia”.

The purpose of the EaP countries’ exchange trip was to find best practices for inclusive and green post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

The working trip, which was a good start to get to know each other, facilitated a positive exchange of best practices and gave impetus to develop new ideas for planning the future work. These include youth hubs, social support centres, social business, innovative out-of-school education programs, infrastructure development, tourism, job creation, government-community interaction, post-earthquake reconstruction and more.

For NGO “NOVA Energia”, the exchange of best practices focused on the following topics:

  • New opportunities for the local self-government bodies and NGOs in the reconstruction process;
  • Studying initiatives in the field of post-war reconstruction;
  • Formation of an active civic position, involvement of citizens in the process of solving important issues in the process of sustainable reconstruction;
  • Examples of projects, fundraising and mobilisation of human and material resources;
  • Finding new resources and partners to raise funds for projects;
  • Working and interacting with the local self-government authorities;
  • Synchronisation of actions for civil society aimed at attaining victory of, restoring and modernizing Ukraine;
  • Implementing new technologies and digital governance;
  • New understanding and approaches to reconstruction in terms of specific mechanisms for sustainable, inclusive and transparent reconstruction of Ukraine;
  • Adopting approaches that not only repair the damage caused by the war, but also address underlying problems and modernize processes for the resilience and sustainable development of Ukrainian society;
  • Revival of the democratic values and principles that have historically characterized Ukrainian society;
  • Ensuring accountability at all levels of reconstruction, etc.