School of Equal Opportunities, members of WG1 UNP, implements the initiative “Ambassadors of European Changes”

Old partners of the School from Oldenburg (Germany) supported the initiative to start the movement of Ambassadors of European Change and invited them to visit.

Larisa Kolos, Head of the Board of the School of Equal Opportunities:

They planned to start with 30 future ambassadors, and more than 100 people of absolutely different ages, statuses and physiological characteristics turned out to be interested. And so our partners offered to unite active girls from Poland, Germany, Ukraine in one project and talk about what girls can do in the modern world. The project was called “Because I’m a girl?” and the name already reveals the idea of the project. We are already in the city, 42 girls, got to know each other, the working language is English, there are no translators. We have joined and are working. The training block coincides with the program of the School of Equal Opportunities. Exercises to define one’s own identity, leadership, communication. Circus and theater master classes allow girls to try themselves in different areas, feel their body and say “I can do it”
We would like to thank everyone who made this project possible.

Photos: School of Equal Opportunities

The initiative was implemented within the framework of the project “Support to the activities of the UNP EaP CSF in 2021-2023”, funded by the European Union, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting