Our colleagues Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” (member of WG1 UNP) and expert team at Civic EaP Tracker has just released discission “Resilience of Civil Society and Media In the Eastern Partnership: for Democracy and Inclusiveness“.

During the last decade, the active position of civil society and the growth of international people-to-people contacts have been one of the key factors of quality reforms in all areas in the considered Eastern Partnership countries. However, each of the states is still far from sustainable consolidated democracy and comprehensive inclusiveness.

✅ Panel 1: Role of Civil Society and Media in Turbulent Times: Safeguarding Resilience

✅ Panel 2: Transforming and Protecting the Region: Issues of Democracy and Human Rights on the Agenda

Our experts are preparing a thematic brief assessing the state of play in each of the five EaP states. A special view from Belarusian civil society will be included as a separate opinion on the topic.


Resilience of Civil Society and Media in the Eastern Partnership Countries, Sergiy Gerasymchuk, Mykhailo Drapak, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”

Organizers: Ukrainian Prism Europe, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in partnership with EUROPEUM and Mission of Democratic Belarus in Brussels

A think tank consortium led by Ukrainian Prism with the support of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is continues a set of thematic expert debates in Brussels, devoted to five key priorities of the EaP. The project team is involved in the monitoring of the EaP policy implementation in each of the partner states. We look into the performance of each partner country along with the key priorities and invite you to the discussions about the future shape of the region and EU policy towards it.