NGO “Agency of European Innovations”, UNP WG4 member, is implementing the Initiative “Preparation and implementation of innovative projects at the local level” within the project “Supporting the activities of the UNP EaP CSF 2021-2023”, which is implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting with the financial support of the European Union.

Name of the Initiative: Preparation and implementation of innovative projects at the local level

Organisation: NGO “Agency of European Innovations”, UNP WG4 member

Duration: 01 June 2023 – 30 September 2023

Objective: To provide local communities with practical recommendations on how to organize joint activities for the preparation and implementation of innovative development projects.

One of the most important tools for attracting resources for Ukraine’s recovery is the preparation of projects to attract donor funding from various EU funds and programs that would address important issues at the local level. In order to prepare and implement such projects, it is necessary to combine the efforts of local active people and organisations. Civil society and educational organisations as well as local authorities and businesses play an important role in these processes. Very often, however, all these structures lack the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare innovative projects, especially those that require cooperation between different types of organisations.

NGO “Agency of European Innovations “, together with the experts involved, plans to prepare:

  • An overview of proposals for the restoration and development of Ukraine being developed and discussed by well-known analytical groups, business associations, city associations and other organisations;
  • An overview of sources of funding for innovative projects available to Ukrainian organisations.

Several targeted webinars will be held to develop the project skills of local organisations.

Recommendations for supporting innovative projects at national level will be submitted to the central authorities, and proposals for supporting the preparation of innovative projects at the local level will be sent to the local authorities and presented at various events.

The English-language proposals will be disseminated via LinkedIN and presented at international events with the participation of the European institutions.

Ivan Kulchytskyi, President of NGO “Agency of European Innovations”:

When preparing the proposals and activities of this Initiative, it is important for us to take into account the needs and existing experiences of the main target groups at the local level.
This is the purpose of this survey. The results of the survey will also help us to identify project-ready communities, research groups and innovative companies interested in working with local areas.
We also plan to disseminate information about the best examples of preparing and implementing innovative projects at the local level.

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The Initiative is implemented within the project “Supporting the activities of the UNP EaP CSF 2021-2023” funded by the European Union, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.