Our colleagues Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” (member of WG1 UNP) and expert team at Civic EaP Tracker has just released discussion Between Green Commitments and Energy Security: Resilience In the Eastern Partnership

The expert discussion on 27 April in Brussels, devoted to the issues of environmental and climate resilience in the region of Eastern Partnership.

Panel 1. European Green Deal: how do Eastern Partnership partners respond to the EU Standards?

✅ Is the European Green Deal an opportunity or a threat for the EaP countries?

✅ How the European Green Deal affects the cooperation among the EaP countries? Are countries becoming more united because of the European Green Deal?

✅ How did the Russian aggression affect future perspectives of the EGD in the region? Is the European Green Deal part of the answer to the new security architecture needs in the regions?

✅ Regarding the accession countries: will green agenda become an equally important cluster of negotiations together with democracy, rule of law, anticorruption?

📢 Moderator: Nataliya Andrusevych, Chair of the Governing Board at Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”

🎤 Speakers:

Marianna Skoczek-Wojciechowska, Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)

Dr. Maria Falaleeva, NGO EKAPRAEKT (Belarus)

Sargis Harutyunyan, Yerevan Press Club (Armenia) (online)


Panel 2. Strengthening energy security and nuclear safety: overcoming dependencies

✅ How have the national energy policies of the EaP countries changed in the last year?

✅ The EaP countries largely remain dependent on energy imports and fossil fuels. Do we see any plans or steps to overcome this? In particular, in the context of insecure supplies from Russia.

✅ Is nuclear industry in the EU and the EaP countries prepared for sanctions against Russian nuclear fuel and possibly technology itself?

✅ How does it fit into new energy security needs of the region?

✅ Can the efforts within Eastern Partnership initiatives support bilateral or multilateral responses to the energy security threats in the region?

📢 Moderator: Olga Chyzhova, Chair, Ukrainian Prism Europe

🎤 Speakers

Angela Bularga, International Aid/Cooperation Officer, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Eastern Partnership, DG NEAR

Ana Otilia Nutu, Co-Chair of the EaP CSF Steering Committee

Mariami Paposhvili, GISS – The Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies (Georgia)

Natalia Guranda, Executive Director of EcoContact (Moldova)

Nigar Islamli, Center for Economic and Social Development (Azerbaijan)


The experts are preparing a thematic brief assessing the state of play in each of the five EaP states. A special view from Belarusian civil society will be included as a separate opinion on the topic. For this discussion, we invite experts from all participants of the Eastern Partnership policy and decision-makers from European institutions.

Environmental and climate resilience in the Eastern Partnership region: stay of play in 2022 and recommendationsNataliya Andrusevych, Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment” 


A think tank consortium led by Ukrainian Prism with the support of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is continues a set of thematic expert debates in Brussels, devoted to five key priorities of the EaP. The project team is involved in the monitoring of the EaP policy implementation in each of the partner states. We look into the performance of each partner country along with the key priorities and invite you to the discussions about the future shape of the region and EU policy towards it.

Organizers: Ukrainian Prism Europe, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum