On March 22, 2023, the working groups of the UNP and the CSP working groups dealing with the environment, climate change, transport and energy security met for a joint meeting to discuss current activities and plan initiatives for 2023.

The presented project of the analytical document “Reforms in the field of environment for post-war recovery and European integration of Ukraine” emphasized the importance of green post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, fulfillment of defined strategic goals and compliance with the principles of proper environmental governance. The experts also emphasized the strengthening of the priority of carrying out institutional and financial reforms in the field of environment.

The meeting participants listened to a report on existing problems and challenges in the field of transport and discussed the importance of involving the public in the recovery processes currently taking place in the country.

The members of the working groups proposed a number of initiatives that can be implemented in 2023, in particular regarding the openness of environmental data, the preparation of a “shadow” report on the implementation of environmental policy, access to drinking water in the de-occupied territories, regulation of the extraction of critical materials, etc.

The participants of the meeting discussed a number of working and procedural points in the activities of the working groups, in particular, they emphasized the need to strengthen the communication component, coordinate the activities of various organizations on reconstruction issues, and the effectiveness of statements and open appeals prepared and sent to state bodies.

Information provided by Natalya Andrusevych, WG3 UNP Coordinator