A joint meeting of two groups: WG4 UNP EaP CSF “Contacts between people” and WG6 US CSP “Science and technology, information society, education, training and youth, culture and sport” took place on March 3, 2023 in online format.

The main purpose of the meeting

To exchange information and suggestions on possible topics of cooperation and the plan of activities of the groups. Discuss current issues that are important from the point of view of group members. Find points of contact between the two groups. To form topics on which group members will work together in 2023.

The participants focused on current challenges in the field of education, research, culture, innovation and youth. The participants exchanged the best practices of the activities of public organizations in the conditions of wartime, financial restrictions and the departure of many members of the organizations outside of Ukraine.

One of the important decisions was the agreement on the coordination of the actions of two groups on the use of the institutional capabilities of two platforms: UNP EaP CSF and US CSP.

The meeting participants agreed:

  • To monitor the announced tenders for NGOs for the feasibility of preparing joint project applications.
  • To monitor the activities of other organizations in the field of priorities of WG4 UNP and WG6 CSP with the aim of expanding cooperation and advocacy of public interests in the field of education, culture, youth, science, digitalization and innovative development.

Information provided by Ivan Kulchytskyy, WG4 UNP Coordinator