On 18.01.2023, the Steering Committee of UNP EaP CSF held an online meeting, which was devoted to discussing the plans and priorities of the UNP for 2023.

The following draft agenda was proposed for consideration:

  • Results of the EaP CSF 2022 Annual Assembly.
  • Plans and priorities of the UNP for 2023.
  • The question of preparation of the UNP Strategic Plan for the next period.
  • Opportunities in the project “Support to the UNP 2021-2023” for 2023.
  • Admission of new members to the UNP.

Results of the EaP CSF 2022 Annual Assembly.

The members of the Ukrainian delegation at the Assembly shared their opinions about the program, the results of the event and evaluated it generally positively. According to the participants there were not enough meetings within the working groups. We hope that this year the meetings of the Forum groups will be held live, as it was before the pandemic. Should this be the case, the Assembly will have a closer communication with delegates from other countries.  No appeals were approved because of the Armenian and Azerbaijani conflict but the Steering Committee of the Forum is open to any such appeals and has already approved an appeal for awarding the candidate state status to Georgia after the AA. What is meant here is that we can and should use that instrument.

The Ukrainian National Platform’s plans and priorities for 2023.

The members of the CC of the UNP presented the plans and priorities for their working groups for 2023. After discussion, a decision was made – the cross-cutting issues of the working groups are:

(1) the war/recovery (which we want to be green/digital/and economically and socially just)

(2) advocacy for EU membership.

The following strategic steps have been outlined:

1) Preparing arguments/messages of the Ukrainian National Platform for the outside audience (extension of the Eastern Partnership Initiative, instruments provided by the Eastern Partnership, advantages of the multi-stakeholder track, etc.)

2) Preparing messages of the Steering Committee for the members of the Ukrainian National Platform regarding the reform of the Steering Committee, the new situation of the Eastern Partnership and the instruments the Initiative makes available to acquire the membership, the new priorities of the Ukrainian National Platform for 2023, the advantages of active participation in the Ukrainian National Platform, the support that the Ukrainian National Platform can provide to organizations (including to attract grant funds), and informational support provided by the Ukrainian National Platform and the Forum.

3) Planning to hold a webinar to tell about the opportunities available to members of the Ukrainian National Platform (with the involvement of coordinators of all the working groups)

4) Outlining strategic priorities (goals) of the Ukrainian National Platform for 2023 while establishing a framework for the topics of the initiatives. This will provide a basis for the development (this summer) of a new strategic plan of the Ukrainian National Platform for next years.

Maryna Gutgarts, Secretary of the UNP, told about the opportunities in the project “Support of the UNP 2021-2023” – what we have planned and what are the financial possibilities for 2023.

The thee-year project (2021 to 2023), as implemented by the IER, is coming to an end. The project should be completed and its deliverables should be reported as early as in November of this year. All the project activities should therefore be completed in October. Accordingly, the National Conference should be scheduled for October.

The members of the UNP SC planned to hold a Strategic session for May-June 2023.

Admitting new members to the Ukrainian National Platform. New member—Me and My School, —has been approved.