UNP welcomes a new member of Working group 4 “Contacts between people” of the NGO “ME AND MY SCHOOL”.

Priority areas of activity:

adult education, professional orientation of adolescents, psychological assistance to children and adults, professional development of teachers and scientific and pedagogical staff.

We have a huge experience of working with teachers in the framework of professional development, as well as organizing many educational and educational events for children and adults at the local, national and international level. We have experience working with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as with local education departments. We have experience in resolving conflicts between all participants in the educational process, as well as creating a progressive community of directors of public and private schools and kindergartens in Kharkiv and the region. We will be happy to share our experiences, contacts, and knowledge!

We hope for fruitful further cooperation!

Get to know the organization: