The Ukrainian National Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership held a two-day training session titled ‘Preparation of Analytical Documents‘ on 12 to 13 December 2022.

Event programme:

  • Analytical texts: types and structure. What can be regarded as analytical materials? Approaches to the definition. The structure of analytical materials. Data and methods: which to choose? Practical training: discussion of examples of analytical texts
  • How to write clearly: Analytical materials as a communication tool. Universal tips on how to write well. Practical training: text editing

During the registration, the trainees took part in a survey about their expectations of and comments on the contents of the training.

A total of 72 people registered for the training. 55.6% of the participants assessed their experience of writing analytical materials as elementary, 22.2% found it to be intermediate or advanced, and other 22.2% reported that they had had no such experience. The training session was attended by 15 to 20 persons.

The training was a two-day event. Each of the days comprised a theoretical block and a practical task. During the first day, the trainees read the recommendations, learned the structure of analytical materials and the research methodology, and discussed the types of the analytical materials. During the practical part of the training, the participants discussed three analytical notes prepared by Ukrainian think tanks and analyzed to what extent the think tanks adhere to the theoretical recommendations for writing analytical notes in practice.

The second day was devoted to learning tips on how to write insights in a clear manner. During the practical part, the participants edited the proposed text, presented their own edited versions and discussed the results of each other’s work.

The participants provided positive feedback about the training session and suggested that it be further expanded.

Presentation 12-13.12.2022

Presentation 13.12.2022

The event is implemented within the framework of the project “Support to the activities of the UNP EaP CSF in 2021-2023”, funded by the European Union, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.