Olha Simak, Head of Environment of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, met the representatives of environmental organizations of civil society pro-European platforms.

Public organizations forming part of Working Group 3 “Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security” of the Ukrainian National Platform Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and Working group 5 “Energy, Transport, Environment and Climate Change” of the Ukrainian-side of the Ukraine-EU Civil Society Platform are concerned about the initiative for legislative regulation of the accelerated review of approvals, licences and permits, the sensitivity of the legislative process, and the contradictions between the provisions of the Government’s Bill No. 8058 on the Accelerated Review of State Regulation of Commercial Activities, dated 19 September 2022, and the requirements of national and international laws.

They asked European institutions for an opportunity to discuss the relevant challenges and to express their views.

The participants of the meeting discussed the risks of passing the Bill. The Members of the Platforms emphasized the importance of holding tripartite meetings between the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, civil society and the European institutions.

The participants of the meeting discussed the prospects of future cooperation.