On November 1, 2022, a discussion “European Integration and War: Challenges for Civil Society of Ukraine” was held as part of the UNP Conference. Ana Fortuna, Director of the EaP CSF, was invited to give a welcome speech.

She addressed the participants of the Conference.

Civil society has always been the constant of any democratization process irrespective of its government, contributing with sharp expertise and innovative perspectives in the design, implementation and monitoring of reforms. 
As Ukraine progresses towards enlargement, the involvement of the Ukrainian independent civil society is crucial to ensure a transparent and inclusive process to secure a strong rule of law, independent judiciary and solid anti-corruption laws and institutions.
Moving forward, the synergies between the EaP policy and the enlargement agenda should be strengthened to guarantee a structured and balanced partnership between the national government and the civil society, avoiding the sad scenario of some Western Balkans countries.
We now have the chance to shape these discussions and I encourage you to be active in making your voice heard. We at EaP CSF stand in solidarity with you in further paving Ukraine’s way towards peace, resilience and European integration.

Remarks by Ana Furtuna, Director of the EaP CSF, Kyiv, 1 November 2022