On September 15, 2022, a meeting of Working Group 3 of the UNP EaP CSF “Environment, climate change and energy security” took place. 🌿

Current projects and initiatives implemented by WG3 members and plans for the future were discussed at the meeting:

✅ Nataliya Andrusevich, head of the Board of the Resource and Analytical Center “Society and Environment” and expert Anna Golubovska-Onisimova told about the progress of the project implementation within the framework of the EaP CSF Regranting “Assessment of the Implementation of Proper Environmental Governance” (http://eap-csf.org.ua/en/2022/01/13/eap-csf-re-granting-2021-lot-2-assessment-of-the-implementation-of-good-environmental-governance/)

✅ It was discussed and presented the intermediate results of the implementation of the UNP initiatives with colleagues: “Green Recovery: Build Back Better” (http://eap-csf.org.ua/en/2022/08/15/unp-initiatives-2022-green-recovery-of-ukraine/) and “Environmental Reforms for Post-War Reconstruction and European Integration of Ukraine” (http://eap-csf.org.ua/en/2022/08/14/unp-initiatives-2022-environmental-reforms-for-post-war-reconstruction-of-ukraine/).

✅ To discuss the results of the meeting of the WG3 of the EaP CSF, current challenges, opportunities and plans for the further work of the group.

✅ Preparation for the UNP Conference and Forum Assembly EaP CSF.

✅ Important topics and issues for preparing applications and appeals.

We thank the meeting participants who took part in the professional discussion.

We would like to thank Ruslan Gavrylyuk, coordinator of WG3 of the UNP, for moderating the meeting and coordinating the Working Group.