Due to the war launched by Russia against Ukraine on 24 February 2022, and following the decision of the EaP CSF Steering Committee and European Commission, this call for proposals is adjusted to support the pertinent needs of the EaP CSF members to mitigate the impact of the war.

Objectives of the LOT 2 are addressing pertinent needs of the Ukrainian EaP CSF members stemming from the external factors. The priority of Lot 2 is to ensure sustainability, security, stability and well-being the of the EaP CSF Ukrainian member organisations and their employees both in the country and abroad. Objectives of the LOT 3 are supporting pertinent needs and capacity of the EaP CSF members to respond and to mitigate the impact of the war in Ukraine. The priority of LOT 3 is to support actions of EaP CSF members mitigating the impact of the war in Ukraine and their capacity to respond. The actions can be implemented in Ukraine, EaP region and the EU countries.

The EaP CSF has received 47 applications for our Re-granting to members, aiming to address the needs of Ukrainian members and support our members’ capacity to respond to the war.

Out of the 47 applications, we have:

📌9 eligible proposals under Lot 2

📌29 eligible proposals under Lot 3

The list of eligible projects is now available here below.

Call for Proposals 2022 – Lot 2

Call for Proposals 2022 – Lot 3