At the joint meeting of the UNP EaP CSF Steering Committee and the Supervisory Board of the project “Support to UNP 2021-2023”, which took place online on June 17, 2022, the initiatives submitted from the UNP Working Groups were considered, discussed and decided. 

NGO “Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting” was elected by the Forum Secretariat to support the functions of the UNP Secretariat for 2021-2023. According to the project, the UNP can support 10 initiatives for each year (2021-2023), 2 initiatives for each working group. In total, the project is planned to support 30 initiatives in three years. Funding for initiatives is equal for all groups. Groups independently decide how they spend money.

The UNP Secretariat has put forward several requirements for initiatives:

  • The topics of initiatives must meet the priorities of the UNP working groups (according to the Strategic Plan).
  • The topics of the initiatives should be adapted to respond to the challenges facing Ukraine and civil society during Russia’s war in Ukraine.
  • The Initiative must have an analytical, advocacy and information component.
  • The Initiatives must be supported by members of working groups.

Members of the UNP Working Groups submitted 10 initiatives.

Marina Gutgarts, UNP Secretary, presented the submitted initiatives. On some initiatives, additions were provided from the participants of the implementation of initiatives present at the meeting.

After an active discussion, the UNP SC and the Project Supervisory Board recommended to support the following 9 initiatives:

WG 1. Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability

  • New EU Defence Frontier: Prospects for Ukraine (Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”)
  • Gender Aspects of Community Social Resilience (Women’s Consortium of Ukraine)

WG 2. Economic integration and convergence with the EU policy

  • The economy of communities and regions under martial law and the priorities of postwar development (Civic Union “Local Economic Development Agency of Yavoriv region”)
  • Food security and food safety during and after the war (NGO “Analisys centre of the Agrarian Union of Ukraine”)

WG 3. Environment, climate change and energy security

  • Environmental Reforms for Post-War Reconstruction and European Integration of Ukraine (National Ecological Center of Ukraine)
  • Green Recovery: Build Back Better (Information Center Green Dossier)

WG 4. Contacts between people

  • Green Course: Threats and Opportunities (NGO “Development center Pangeya Ultima”)
  • Analytics of Adult Learning in Ukraine in the Context of Apply for the EU Membership (League of Professional Women)

WG 5. Social and labor policy and social dialogue

  • Those Who Stayed: Women`s Social and Economic Rights in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions Affected by the Fighting (Kyiv Institute of Gender Studies)
  • Chronicle of Russia’s war against Ukraine: What is happening in the Ukrainian Labor Market in the SME Sector (Kharkiv City Organization of the Trade Union of Entrepreneurs)

The initiative “Analytics of Adult Learning in Ukraine in the Context of Apply for the EU Membership” (League of Professional Women) was supported in the UNP Steering Committee and the Project Supervisory Board held a joint meeting on February 17, 2022.

At the meeting, the members of the UNP SC considered an appeal from one of the members of the Belarusian National Platform with proposals for cooperation. It was unanimously decided that cooperation in the proposed format is impossible in the conditions of war.

It was decided to hold a meeting of the CC of the UNP in the near future to discuss participation in the meetings of the Working Groups of the Forum (June-July 2022) and activity plans.