The next UNP newsletter has been published (February – April 2022).

  • The UNP Steering Committee appealed to the EaP CSF members regarding the war in Ukraine.
  • UNP member organizations provide humanitarian assistance and support
  • UNP member organizations collect and analyze information on the impact of the war in Ukraine on the environment.
  • Self-assessment of the level of compliance of UNP with the Codes of Ethical Conduct of UNP and EaP CSF.
  • A joint meeting of the UNP Criminal Code and the Project Supervisory Board was held.

The initiatives of the UNP Working Groups, which were supported by the Steering Committee and the Project Steering Committee, are being implemented. Read information about 10 supported initiatives on the UNP website.

You can get acquainted with analytical works, documents, reports and read more about the news of the EaP.

UNP Newsletter (February – April 2022).