A self-assessment of the level of compliance of the Ukrainian National Platform (UNP) with the CODES OF ETHICAL CONDUCT of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) and UNP in 2021 was conducted.

Self-assessment (conducted in the period: 08/02/2022 – 22/02/2022) is aimed at directing the UNP and its structural units to an objective assessment of the level of implementation of values and standards of the CSF EF, defined in the Code of Ethical Conduct .

The self-assessment process provides to:
 Reflect on practices related to ethical conduct at the Forum and at the NP level (internally);
 Monitor institutional developments concerning the ethics within each body of the Forum and
highlight areas of learning;
 Identify areas in the implementation of the CoEC where more attention is needed (in the
framework of one year (until the next self-assessment) and in the long term (within a period of three
 Identify and share internal best practices

In general, the level of compliance of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern
Partnership Civil Society Forum with the CODES OF ETHICAL CONDUCT of the Eastern Partnership
Civil Society Forum and UNP can be evaluated as high.

There were cases when UNP representatives have consulted the CoEC (3 of 13) for different reasons not connected with explicit violations of CoEC statements:

  • to verify the compliance of other UNP documents with CoEC;
  • to discuss the legitimacy of including the candidate to the UNP membership list;
  • to get acquainted with CoEC content in order to assess the behavior of some UNP members.

A feature worth noting is that some respondents are not aware of the existence of the Code of
Ethical Conduct Advisor. This means that there is still a necessity to conduct public and educational measures for increasing the awareness of UNP members on the CoEC and improving competences for its application.

The need for events to raise the competences of using CoEC on practice can be also explained
by cases that required the involvement of the UNP CoEC advisor. But there were no any comments on that cases or facts when any misconduct was reported within UNP during 2021.

The results of the self-assessment also indicate the need for information sessions / activities to raise awareness of UNP members about how the Platform works in the context of compliance with the most “sensitive” provisions of the Codes.

Almost all respondents believe that discussing ethical matters at the NP level is important and
necessary. As well as all respondents highly assess the importance of the CoEC self-assessment
exercise for UNP.

Information provided by Maksym Koryavets, Ethical Code Advisor

We thank all those members of the UNP who took part in the survey.