We present you the thematic Priorities of Activities and Operational Plan for Activities of UNP Working groups for 2022.

The thematic Priorities of Activities and Operational plan were prepared by the UNP Working Groups coordinators and discussed with the UNP members.

Working Group 1 “Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability”

Thematic priorities of activities for 2022

1. Gender equality, countering discrimination, strengthening measures to combat gender-based and domestic violence – ratification of the Istanbul Convention, implementation of the National Human Rights strategy.

2.. Monitoring the implementation of comprehensive judicial reform, the implementation of the reform of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, the implementation of strategy for the development of justice bodies and constitutional proceedings for 2021-2023

3. Mobility problems and ways to solve them. The coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying restrictions on the mobility of citizens have affected the practice of border crossing and, in general, the mobility of citizens, including the problem of migration and labor migration.

4. Advocacy of the rights and freedoms of civilians injured during the armed conflict in the Donbas ; development of peaceful dialogue, reflection of issues in national barrier-free programs and in the process of forming the methodology of the population census of Ukraine. Participation in the Crimean platform.

Priorities of WG1 activities in 2022

– Human rights, gender equality and non-discrimination, strengthening measures to combat gender-based and domestic violence

– Implementation of judicial reform, reform of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court

– mobility of citizens, including the problem of migration and labor migration

– development of peaceful dialogue, protection of social rights, including the barrier-free component of participation in the Crimean platform.

Working subgroups within WG1:

1. Human rights (gender equality, protection of vulnerable groups, non-discrimination).

2. Freedom of speech, media and strategic communications (establishing effective channels of communication between the authorities and civil society in terms of form and content regarding the reform process within Ukraine and within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Policy, media, and combating propaganda).

3. Good governance and sectoral policies (civil service reform, including judicial reform, anti-corruption policy).

4. Safety and stability (conflict prevention, European security, regional security initiatives, migration issues, civil security).

* Working subgroups and individual WG1 members may make other proposals during the year for the implementation of activities and projects according to certain priorities.

Working Group 2: Economic integration and harmonization with EU policies

Thematic priorities of activities and corresponding WG2 working subgroups in 2022:

– Regulatory environment and development of small and medium-sized businesses

– Regional policy and cross-border cooperation

– Harmonization of digital markets

– Economic relations with the European Union and the Eastern Partnership region

– Economic mechanisms and impacts of Green Deal

Working Group 3 “Environment, climate change and energy security”

The priorities of the WG3 activities for the following years correspond to the UNP strategy and the draft strategy of CSF of EaP and are aimed at advocacy, monitoring, expert support for the implementation of the New Eastern Partnership policy until 2025 in terms of achieving environmental and climate sustainability, as well as related other policy goals. The thematic priorities of WG3, for which the implementation of the above activities is planned, are:

  • Promotion of the European Green course in Ukraine and all its components, advocacy of Ukraine’s broad participation in the ECC.
  • Promotion of cross-sectoral Environmental Policy and greening of sectors of the Ukrainian economy, transition to a circular economy, green economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis caused by COVID-19.
  • Advocacy for Ukraine’s transition to low-carbon development, energy transition and renewable energy development, Ukraine’s participation in achieving climate neutrality on the European continent, and adaptation to climate change.
  • Advocacy for the implementation of environmental policies at the regional and local levels, in particular the greening of regional strategies in the context of decentralization using the sea tool.
  • Advocacy for the conservation of biodiversity, implementation of an ecosystem approach, Integrated Water Resources Management.
  • Promoting sustainable transport and environmentally friendly development of transport networks.

Working group 4 “Contacts between people”

Proposals on strategic priorities of WG4 activities for 2022-2023:

1) Analysis of changes in education and training caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the widespread use of digital technologies at various levels of education; promotion of adult education and training and non-formal education in Ukraine

2) Discussion of the framework of digital competencies for various spheres of economic and social activity, analysis of problems and challenges in the field of media literacy and counteraction to fakes, development of critical thinking;

3) Establishing broader communication with cultural environment of Ukraine, developing interdisciplinary approaches in the field of culture and creative industries, analysis of problems of digitalization of cultural sphere. Development of intercultural dialogue between the regions of Ukraine, countries of the Eastern Partnership and the European Union;

4) Analysis and study of research of value benchmarks and social trends of youth in Ukraine, the EaP region and the EU with the aim of cross-sectoral and trans-border cooperation around clear formulation of youth challenges, paying attention to youth adaptation to the challenges of time and problems of youth employment;

5) Advocacy of integration of Eastern Partnership countries into the European Educational and Research Area, wider use of the association’s opportunities for Horizon Europe. 

Working subgroups within WG4:

  • Youth
  • Culture
  • Research and innovation
  • Education and training

Working Group 5 “Social and labor policy and social dialogue”

Activity priorities for Working Group No. 5 “Social and labor policy and social dialogue” for 2022:

  • Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the state of the labor market in Ukraine: dynamics over two years.
  • Social dialogue and employee protection and tools to support business entities during the pandemic
  • Implementation of public dialogue at the territorial level in Ukraine.
  • Social dialogue at the territorial level in Ukraine.
  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the implementation of the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.
  • Paradigm shift in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions in the context of a total paradigm shift of the new law. 
  • Implementation of Ukraine’s European integration and related obligations in the field of social and labor policy, including obligations on women’s rights and gender equality.

Proposals of the Working Group No. 5 “Social and labor policy and social dialogue” to the operational plan of the UNP for 2022:

  • Uniting the Civil Society of Ukraine around defending European values and standards of living.
  • Information presence of the platform in the information space of Ukraine and the EU.
  • Strengthening the platform’s regional presence
  • Establishing bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other national platforms of CSF of EaP.
  • Conducting a gender audit of UNP and developing its own “Roadmap/action plan for gender equality for UNP” based on its results

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