EAP CSF Re-granting 2021, LOT 3

Analysing and assessing the management of Transboundary Emerald Sites of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

Lead organisation: CSO Charitable Organisation “Interecocentre” (Ukraine)

Partner organisations:

  • CSO Public Association EcoContact (Moldova)
  • CSO “Bahna” (Belarus)

Project duration: 01 May 2021 – 30 November 2021

Project aim: This project aims to strengthen the advocacy role and priorities of the EaP CSF and its members Civil Society organisations in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova through the formulation of a policy paper analysing and assessing the implementation, monitoring and oversight of the management of Transboundary Emerald Sites.

The project helped to unite representatives of the Ukrainian, Moldovan and Belarusian National Platforms of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, whose activities were aimed at approximating national environmental policy to EU regulations by strengthening the dialogue mechanism between national governments and representatives of National Platforms.

The team of representatives of the National Platforms prepared the Policy Paper as recommendations:

• to the Ministry of Environment on management, monitoring and reporting on the state of conservation of birds under Resolution 6 of the Berne Convention on the territory of transboundary Emerald objects of Ukraine, as part of the obligations of the Association Agreement:

1. Identification of the list of birds that are globally endangered and have an unfavorable national conservation status to determine targeted conservation measures.

2. Organization of scientific research to obtain data on the number of annual trends of birds from the above list in Ukraine.

3. Use of the EU Emerald Network regulatory framework for the organization of management of measures for the conservation of birds on this list in Ukraine.

2. Using the results of scientific research to monitor the trend in the number of birds in Ukraine and establish new conservation priorities.

3. Use of research results in the preparation of periodic reports to the EU in accordance with Resolution 8 on the reporting of conservation status for birds on this list.

• to local authorities and local communities on the territory of which the Emerald objects are located with a list of conservation measures for the conservation of birds that are globally endangered and have an unfavorable national conservation status.

Information provided by: Oleg Kokhan, project coordinator, environmental expert, director of Interecocentre, Ukraine (WG3 UNP)


Photo Facebook Oleg Kokhan