October 28, 2021 an online meeting of WP3 UNP “Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security” took place.

The following issues were considered at the meeting:

Results of WG3 work for the last year (taking into account the results of the last meeting of 25.03.21). Including:

  • implementation of initiatives (on the topics of SEA, Environmental Sustainability) in the framework of UNP
  • results of the meeting with Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development Igor Korkhovy (on SEA issues)
  • Results of the online seminar “Key issues of implementing strategic environmental assessment as a key tool for achieving sustainable development of local communities” (04.08.21)
  • implementation of the Re-granting project “Analysis and assessment of management of cross-border emerald objects of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova” (Interecocenter),
  • results of the WG3 meeting of the Forum (from 17-19.05.21)
  • Results of the 3rd Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change (22.06.21)
  • appeals (appeals on climate goals and appeals on the environmental dimension of regional policy) of WP3 and responses to them. Preparation from the group of proposals to the UNP Position Paper to the East Summit.

Preparation of an action plan for 2022. Including:

  • identification of problematic issues that should be the focus of WG3
  • potential topics of initiatives for 2022 and other activities
  • about the forthcoming project within Lot 3 of the Forum “Advocating for good environmental governance in the EaP region” (Society and Environment).

During the meeting, participants presented the news of their organizations and discussed plans for next year and participation in the Annual Conference of the UNP and the Assembly of the EaP CSF.