On October 4, 2021, a regular meeting of WG2 took place on the ZOOM platform. The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate the current activities of WG2 and plan activities and activities for the next 1-2 months.

The meeting was held according to the planned agenda.

Acquaintance with a new member of WG 2 – NGO “Ukrainian Evaluation Association”. Olga Krasovska, Chair of the Ukrainian Association of Evaluation (UAO), spoke about the history of creation, purpose and current activities. She stressed that it is planned to hold a training for UNP members on monitoring and evaluation, which aroused great interest among those present, as this topic is extremely important and relevant for project managers.

Information about the coaching network and the cluster of bona fide food producers. The next question was presented by Larysa Starikova (NGO “Analytical Center of the Agrarian Union of Ukraine”).

“The SCC Coaching Network (Competence overcomes corruption) is a voluntary community of trainers, experts and consultants armed with the competencies needed to prepare businesses for state inspections, create self-regulatory systems of market control over safety and quality of agricultural and food products. foreign markets. The mission is to ensure the education of enterprises in the agricultural sector and food industry on state control over the safety and quality of agricultural and food products and professional assistance in meeting the requirements of domestic and international legislation on food safety “- said Ms. Larissa.

Development of ideas – topics for discussion at the annual conference. WG2 Coordinator Iryna Kuropas invited everyone present to think about how the group could join in shaping the agenda of the annual UNP conference. The updated agenda for the restoration, sustainability and reforms of the Eastern Partnership, which was unveiled in July this year, was discussed. You can read more in the link. Participants decided to think about topics and areas in which they could be involved in the annual conference.

Two initiatives were presented by representatives of the UNP WG2 in the framework of the project “Support to the activities of the UNP FGS East in 2021-2023”, implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting with the financial support of the European Union. Namely, “Transformation of Civil Society in Ukraine in the Economic and European Integration Dimension” (Yavoriv Local Economic Development Agency) and “Equalization of Integration Policy into the EU Digital Single Market and Harmonization of Digital Markets in the East” (“Innovation Development Center”).

Information provided by Iryna Kuropas, UNP WG2 Coordinator