UNP Newsletter was released (June – July 2021). 

The UNP Steering Committee and the Project Supervisory Board held a joint meeting.  The participants of the meeting discussed initiatives submitted from the UNP Working Groups and after the discussion recommended to support 10 initiatives. 

As part of the increase in the capacity of the UNP, two two-day trainings on the digitalization of the NGO activities were held.

Members of the WG3 UNP EaP CSF and WG 5 UA CSP supported the draft of Ukraine’s second Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement and appealed to the Government of Ukraine with a recommendation to accept a Nationally Determined Contribution to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 65% compared to 1990, which will lead to emissions reduction and support initiatives already launched in cities.

UNP members Ruslan Havryliuk (RG3), Ivan Kulchytsky (WG4) and Volodymyr Nochvay (WG2) represented EaP CSF at international events.

UNP joined the Platform of NGO “Women’s Professional League”. 

There were meetings of working groups – meetings of WG5 UNP and members of WG2 UNP and RG3 UA CSP held a joint meeting.

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UNP Newsletter (in Ukrainian)