Members of WG3 UNP started the initiative implementation “Environmental and Climate Sustainability of the Eastern Partnership – Assessment of Prospects for Achievement in Ukraine – 2 ” within the project “Supporting the activities of the Ukrainian National Platform of the EaP CSF in 2021-2023” that is carried out by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER) with the financial support of the European Union.

Name of the initiative: Environmental and Climate Sustainability of the Eastern Partnership – Assessment of Prospects for Achievement in Ukraine – 2

Organisations: Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”, National Ecological Center of Ukraine, International Charitable Organization ” Information Center Green Dossier”, International Charitable Organization ” Environment-People-Law” (WG3) and independent expert  Anna Golubovska-Onisimova

Duration of the project: 16.07.2021-15.11.2021

Aim of the initiative is to update analytical document “Environmental and climate sustainability of the Eastern Partnership – assessment of the prospect of achievement in Ukraine”, taking into account new strategic development documents (developed and/or adopted in 2021) and possibilities of green recovery after the lockdown caused by COVID-19. Also, to present results of research in a popular format.

What is this initiative about?

Project of the Eastern Partnership new policy aims closer integration countries of the region into the European green course (including Ukraine), opens up opportunities, green transformation. Environmental issues and climate change are becoming cross character, becoming a roadmap for economic development planning. At the government level, Ukraine has confirmed its interest in joining European green transformations. However, will current opportunities be effectively utilized, or will Ukraine have time for change? These questions are in the focus of public attention.

Ruslan Gavrylyuk, National Ecological Center of Ukraine, coordinator of WG3 UNP and Eastern Partnership WG:

An analysis document prepared in 2020 by the European Commission oт a new vision of the Eastern Partnership policy will be updated. In particular, the Economic Strategy of Ukraine until 2030 within the national level and documents as part of the preparation for the summit and the adoption of policies after 2020within the level of the Eastern Partnership will be taken into account. Reduced version of updated analytical document will be prepared considering main conclusions and recommendations for all involved persons, the Government of Ukraine specifically.

Why are we doing this?

Ukraine’s recovery after the pandemic should be based on the principles of green transformation – only in this case, Ukraine will have the opportunity for systemic environmental renewal of its own economy and for competitive member on the European market, which is formed in the conditions of achieving EU climate neutrality. Coming years are expected to be crucial for Ukraine’s euro-integration prospects, given the changes taking place in EU policy, taking into account ambitious goal of a climate neutral continent.

The priority of WG3 “Environment, Climate Change, Energy Security” of the UNP is  advocacy of changes at the national level for introduction of environmental protection European standards, taking into account environmental and climate issues in all spheres of economic development. We strive for Ukraine to make most effective changes within new opportunities of Eastern Partnership “green transformation”.