As part of the UNP capacity building, an online training “Digital Tools for the NGO Daily Activities” was held on July 5-6, 2021.

The focus was on the following topics:

  • Digital tools for events. Audience engagement, registration, conduct and dissemination of results and results.
  • Digitalization and project manager: how to be in trend? (online calendars, project collaboration tools. Tools ASANA, Trello, etc., notes, etc.)
  • Email: to be or not to be. How to effectively form emails to get a response.
  • Digitalization and education: challenges and opportunities. Gaining access to digital resources in education and science.
  • Cloud services and their use. Google services for collaboration (document processing, assignments, data storage on different devices, etc.)
  • The most typical scenarios (chains) of digital technologies use in the work of NGOs.

The trainer, Ivan Kulchytsky, president of the NGO Agency of European Innovations, coordinator of the WG4 UNP presented many useful practical examples based on the successful activities of the NGO AI and experience in participating in various international projects.

Participants exchanged experience and received useful information about available services and systems used by different organizations in Ukraine.

Video 5.07.2021

Presentation, 5.07.2021

Video 6.07.2021

Psesentation, 6.07.2021