At the joint meeting of the UNP EaP CSF Steering Committee and the Supervisory Board of the project “Support to UNP 2021-2023”, which took place online on June 30, 2021, the initiatives submitted from the UNP Working Groups were considered, discussed and decided. 

NGO “Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting” was elected by the Forum Secretariat to support the functions of the UNP Secretariat for 2021-2023. According to the project, the UNP can support 10 initiatives for each year (2021-2023), 2 initiatives for each working group. In total, the project is planned to support 30 initiatives in three years. Funding for initiatives is equal for all groups. Groups independently decide how they spend money.

The UNP Secretariat has put forward several requirements for initiatives:

The topics of initiatives must meet the priorities of the UNP working groups (according to the Strategic Plan).

The Initiative must have an analytical, advocacy and information component.

The Initiatives must be supported by members of working groups.

The UNP Secretariat received 11 initiatives.

After an active discussion, the UNP SC and the Project Supervisory Board recommended to support the following 10 initiatives:

WG 1. Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability

• Raising Public Awareness on Combating Stereotypes and Gender Inequality, the Risks of Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence and International Standards in this Area (NGO “Bureau of Social and Political Development”)

• Respect for Human Rights at the Border during a Coronavirus Pandemic. Mobility Problems and Ways to Solve them (Civic Initiative “Europe without Barriers”)

WG 2. Economic integration and convergence with the EU policy

• Transformation of Civil Society in Ukraine in the Economic and European Integration Dimension (Civic Union “Local Economic Development Agency of Yavoriv region”)

• Alignment of the Policy of Integration into the EU Digital Single Market and Harmonization of Digital Markets of the EaP (Civic Union “The Centre for Innovations Development”)

WG 3. Environment, climate change and energy security

• Environmental and Climate Sustainability of the Eastern Partnership – Assessment of Prospects for Achievement in Ukraine – 2 (Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”, National Ecological Center of Ukraine, International Charitable Organization ” Information Center Green Dossier”, International Charitable Organization ” Environment-People-Law”)

• Strategic Environmental Assessment of Community Development Strategies as a Tool for their Sustainable Development (National Environmental Center of Ukraine, International Charitable Organization ” Information Center Green Dossier”, International Charitable Organization “Environment-People-Law”)

WG 4. Contacts between people

• Ways to Develop Professional Digital Competencies in the Cultural Heritage Sector (NGO Agency of European Innovations)

• Encouraged Youngsters. Entrepreneurship Skills and School Social Business (Youth organization STAN)

WG 5. Social and labor policy and social dialogue

• Standards for the Regulation of Labor Relations: Legal Norms of the EU and Ukraine (Ukrainian Trade Union of Workers in Tourism, Spa areas and Hotel Industry)

• Government and Civil Society: Interaction in the Framework of Public and Social Dialogue (Federation of Trade Unions of Small and Medium Enterprise of Ukraine).

Iryna Kosse, Head of the UNP Support 2021-2023 Project, an expert at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, presented the submitted initiatives. On some initiatives, additions were provided from the participants of the implementation of initiatives present at the meeting.

After reviewing the package of documents, the UNP was unanimously accepted as a member of the UNP – NGO “Women’s Professional League”.

Ruslan Havryliuk, coordinator of the RG3 FGS and RG3 UNP, provided information about his participation as a representative of the Forum at the EaP Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change, which took place on June 22, 2021, and about the planned trainings for UNP members.

The project “Supporting the activities of the Ukrainian National Platform of the EaP CSF in 2021-2023″ is funded by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and the European Union