How can NGOs be effective? How to speak correctly and clearly about yourself, about initiatives and projects, how to attract even more supporters and communicate with stakeholders, especially during quarantine restrictions? How to organize your time to have time for the most important things? How to become more powerful and professional to create social change in your communities?

On June 29 and July 1, the online training “Digital Tools for NGO Communication” took place on the ZOOM platform. The event was supported by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

Trainer: Iryna Kuropas, Agency for Local Economic Development of Yavoriv Region (WG2 UNP), certified trainer in EU project cycle management, public relations and international relations specialist, coordinator of WG2 UNP.

The main topics discussed during the event were:

  • Trends and trends in digital communications
  • Social networks: life hacks and shortcomings
  • Messengers: features and available functionality
  • Digital tools for team / organization work or how to digitalize the organization and not lose yourself?
  • Visualization and promotion tools
  • Chat Bots: What is it and how can they help NGOs?

Coach Iryna Kuropas:

Modern information technologies expand opportunities in access to information, development of personal competencies, interaction and communication, as well as for expressing one’s own opinion, for creativity, self-realization, protection of one’s rights and civic activity. It is not only about messages on social networks, but also about the adaptation of traditional formats to new realities. Here it is important to “let go” of old habits, proven methods, stereotypes and not be afraid to experiment, look for the set of tools and applications that are right for you to solve your problems and needs.

Recommendations for NGOs for effective implementation of digital solutions:

  • Don’t try to start implementing digital tools or technologies that others use without first determining what is right in your case. The success of the implementation of digital transformation in a public organization requires a deep understanding of all stakeholders;
  • Introduce and deepen digital competencies of representatives of public organizations. This requires a rethinking of functions, training of employees, perhaps it would even be useful to attract new people who will help the rest of the organization to introduce a more digital mentality and gradually adapt the global organizational culture to this new environment;
  • Start digitizing all possible processes immediately. But keep in mind a holistic approach to digitization, including vision and priority steps, tools and techniques. This process can be facilitated through cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience, pooling of funding and partnership with other NGOs, etc .;
  • Effectively use social networks to promote your community organization and activities, disseminate key messages. Remember that content and content plan are very important.
  • Use digital tools to communicate with such a wide audience as partners, potential partners, donors and volunteers. Keep in mind that everything you teach online can upset or damage your reputation.

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