On June 7, 2021, a meeting of WG5 UNP “Social and Labor Policy and Social Dialogue” took place. The event took place online on the Zoom platform.

The purpose of the group meeting was to exchange information on recent events in the activities of EaP CSF and UNP EaP CSF, in particular, to discuss current issues of regulation of social and labor relations in Ukraine, to form proposals for training for members of the Platform, to develop and approve research areas would work in 2021.

The coordinator of the group, Svitlana Vnuchko, informed the participants of the meeting about the latest news in the framework of the Platform.

During the discussion of possible topics for trainings for UNP members, the participants of the meeting decided to propose one of the trainings on “Communication between government and civil society: public vs social dialogue”.

The meeting discussed and approved the directions of the group’s work in 2021, which group members should take into account when developing and implementing initiatives under WP5 UNP. During the long discussion, two main areas were identified:

  • Standards of labor relations regulation: legal norms of the EU and Ukraine.
  • Public and social dialogue in the new conditions of social and labor relations.

During the meeting, the participants discussed a number of laws and bills adopted and promulgated in recent months.

Based on the results of the discussion, it was decided to consolidate the efforts of two working groups in the field of social and labor relations, namely WG5 UNP “Social and Labor Policy and Social Dialogue” and WG4 EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform “Employment, Social Policy, Equal Opportunities and Health”, to prepare a joint statement on the issues of reforming the labor legislation of Ukraine.